• Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Hello Everyone! I thought I'd make this announcement to discuss a little more about me and how I fit into the Billigerhost family.


About Me:

My name is Dom and I have finally decided to do an introduction to what I do and other interesting things about me. I was born and raised in England and have lived for 16 years as I am writing this. I have a huge family of 6 brothers and 2 sisters.


What are my Hobbies:

I like streaming on twitch and doing content creation on other platforms in my free time.

I also like spending time at the Gym to stay healthy and in good shape.


What are my dislikes:

I do not like liars and refuse to work with them. Whether that is people from Billigerhost or people I meet at my other job.


How I found Billigerhost.com:

When I first came to Billigerhost.com it wasn't called Billigerhost. I was recruited originally as a partner to help promote what was then Futurehosting. Around 3 months into my partnership I had became a developer and started making Premade servers for KitPVP and SMP Ready servers.


In early 2022 I became the COO and helped manage FutureHosting. Around August 2022 FutureHosting had been sold to Emory who rebranded the FutureHosting discord and website to Billigerhost.com.


After multiple changes in management positions over a 6 Month period I went from VP to President to CEO.


What do I do a Billigerhost.com:

I make all the executive decisions regarding staff, partners and even our products. I have help with the old CEO of FutureHosting who is now my CFO, and still get some advice from the last CEO of Billigerhost.


Unfortunately due to our prices being so low I am unable to work full time on the Billigerhost side and also work a 9-5.


Oh and as a little thanks for reading here is a 70% off code for the first month. Enjoy!

Code: SECRET70

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