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Budget Minecraft Server Hosting

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$1.90USD شهري

Rust Server Hosting

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$15.00USD شهري

Premium Minecraft Hosting

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$2.50USD شهري

Ark Survival Evolved

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$11.40USD شهري

Our Customers Say

Learn why we are trusted by over 35,000 clients worldwides

I gotta be brutaly honest with you, This host is 11/10. The Support Staff are very nice, Professional, Helpful. The servers have no lag, very powerful, very awesome. You get full access to everything no matter the price, The prices are extremely cheap for what this host provides. 100% Recommend Futurehosting. You will not regret this!


Im talking from experience and can confirm future hosting out performs the rest, even compared to the biggest competitors wether its server quality or just navigation ease of the site they are the best in the market. The customer server is the best I have seen yet as they helped through the whole process with setting it up to recommending the best plugins for my server!

Very good quality server as well as a very good help with running the server as well you and the response time on the tickets are amazing, overall amazing server and community

Affordable, Very good server hosting and good help with performance issues (only caused by the 390 mods i was running on it). Fast ticket response time good and friendly support people too. I would recommend to other people and I would buy again.

great host, friendly owners, optimal performance even for the datacenter being across the sea from me I still have minimal ping and zero latency issues in my SMP. Same for my players, we run close to 20 plugins, server handles it well. The old host could not handle my file setup to save its life...or the price it is the best out there. 10/10 highly recommend FutureHosting.

10/10 i have bought multiple servers and it is very affordable for great quality it has, and the downtime is literally never

The quality is amazing and my members can get up to 600-700 fps, and the prices are amazing. I have bought servers from other websites for much more and they are worse. Defiantly recommend buying from them 👍 Works good, No lag, Affordable


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